The NATAL CHART graphic show the global situation at the time and place in which a person is born, we can also get astral themes of society, political and social events, and a certain historical period. With this graph, and through its interpretation, we can describe a complete picture of an individual´s personality, as evolves economic partner of a specific event, a company, a historical period or a wedding ... None one of us is influenced only by their zodiac sign and his influence, NATAL CHART (also called Theme Astral Map Astral or Horoscope Astral) is a graph in degrees, minutes and seconds, that Zodiac signs, elements, planets and astrological houses, according to the right position and right transit, affecting the characteristics of the individual from the right moment of birth of a person, a company or a wedding . This is why people born under the same sign, are temperamentally very different from each other. Knowing your character, attitudes, destiny, interest and much else, can be a valuable help in trying to know and understand the most hidden parts of our soul or those we care about. You can order, in fact, the theme of the people you care about, they will discover the most hidden and unknown sides and will help you understand their behaviors, flaws, strengths and interests.
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