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What are the Tarots, or the real deck of the Marseilles Tarots from the Late Medieval-Renaissance period? The deck consists of 78 cards, called Lame, of which 22 are called Major Arcana or Triumphs or Keys (connected to the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet and consequently to Kabbalah, according to the various esoteric interpretations of numerous scholars such as: Eliphas Levi, Papus, Oswal Wirth and also the controversial Aleister Crowley already belonging to the Golden Dawn) and the other 56 cards called Minor Arcana derived from the ancient Mammeluke cards;
Depending on the method adopted, we can use only the Major Arcana or the entire deck, or the entirety the tarot deck can be used as a board game that few experts can still play.

The Major Arcana are made up of a series of allegorical figures and constitute the most significant cards of the entire deck, they are rich in symbols and universal and esoteric archetypes.
As mentioned above, the number 22 of the Major Arcana connects to the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet and to the tree of life and the paths of the Sephirot of the kabbalah;
In the symbolism of the Major Arcana there are also astronomical references. For example, in Arcanum XVIII ("The Moon") we can see the figure of a shrimp that makes the arcane correspond to the zodiacal sign of Cancer; the two children present in Arcanum XIX ("The Sun") make the arcane correspond to the sign of Gemini (the period of time governed by the sign of Gemini leads to longer days, then to the triumph of light and the Sun) . The Major Arcana still have connections between them, an example of all is the figure of the "Magician" No. 1, it carries a hat in the form of draped 8, like the symbol of infinity, has an upright position with legs slightly apart, He stands in front of a table with one arm facing down and one arm facing up the with a stick in his hand, on the table we find: a cup, some coins, a dagger (the four seeds of the minor arcana and the position of the "Magician" represents both: the number 1 and the letter alef א the first of the Hebrew alphabet, if we look carefully at the letter it creates a connection between the top and the bottom and the Magician mimes this letter with the movement of his arms so it is the one who starts and puts the bass in contact with the top and the other way around ).

The Minor Arcana, however, consist of 4 series (Sticks, Cups, Coins and Swords) of 14 cards each (10 numerals and 4 court: Jack, knight, Queen and King), corresponding to the four suits of ordinary cards ( square hearts spades flowers ).
The seeds of the 56 Minor Arcana are assimilated to the four elements: the Fire Sticks (because they are made of wood, which is flammable), the Water Cups (since they contain liquids), the Coins to the Earth (since they are made of metals that the earth contains) and the Swords to the Air (since the swords swirl in the air) and dont forget the 5th element is the spirit that blow gently over the interpretation ...

As part of a consultation, the Major Arcana represent the prime causes of events and give us a general picture of the situation, while the Minor Arcana offer us a picture of the most daily events and descend into details. This is a brief summary made by me to give you an idea of ​​this immense world of cartomancy, the "Tarot of Marseilles" can be bought and given away by everyone and there are often attached booklets of 2 pages, it would be better to buy them with some Conventional books such as those written by Oswald Wirth, Paul Foster Case, etc ... or even better to do a course by joining a professional who can follow you and support you in your path of enlightenment. The Tarot of Marseilles are used and interpreted seriously and correctly only by a few professionals, their symbolic and esoteric interpretation is infinite, those who have started a journey made of in-depth studies will find new visions and personal and meditative versions. Nowadays there are many types of decks of paper on the market, some of which are reinterpreted and sometimes overturned, a relatively new and simpler deck, private of the Major arcana. The "Sibille" also called "Lenormand" go back to the first mid-1800s created by a French lady "Marie Adelaide Lenormand" very intuitive given that each paper at the bottom of it bears written an interpretation and a meaning;
For those wishing to approach this world:
Maria organizes courses of Tarot Cards I ° II ° III level with certificate of merit and frequency, the courses are demanding and must be taken with seriousness and commitment, for more information call the number: (+39) 3925285855
Courses can be attended either in the Studio (office) or via Skype with video cameras only if you have fast and reliable internet connection and the teaching material will be sent via express courier!

P.S. The Psychics courses are preceded by aptitude tests to verify the "sensitivity" of the / the student, provided, however, that Maria reserves the right to refuse to teach little people series lazy or those who wanted to do an immoral and illegal use or against common sense.


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